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Welcome to IEEE Pacific Visualization 2019

The 12th IEEE Pacific Visualization Symposium (PacificVis 2019) will be held in Bangkok, Thailand during April 23 to 26, 2019.

Visualization has become an increasingly important research area due to its wide range of applications in many disciplines. PacificVis is an IEEE sponsored international visualization symposium held in the Asia-Pacific region, with the objective to foster greater exchange between visualization researchers and practitioners, and to draw more researchers in the Asia-Pacific region to enter this rapidly growing area of research.

Previous Event

Previous PacificVis symposia were held in Kyoto (2008), Beijing (2009), Taipei (2010), Hong Kong (2011), Songdo (2012), Sydney (2013), Yokohama (2014), Zhejiang (2015), Taipei (2016), Seoul (2017), and Kobe (2018), and all sponsored by IEEE VGTC.

Year City Date Link
2018 Kobe Apr 10 - Apr 13 Website
2017 Seoul Apr 18 - Apr 21 Website
2016 Taipei Apr 19 - Apr 22 Website
2015 Hangzhou Apr 14 - Apr 17 Website
2014 Yokohama Mar 04 - Mar 07 Website
2013 Sydney Feb 26 - Mar 01 Website
2012 Songdo Feb 28 - Mar 02 Website
2011 Hong Kong Mar 01 - Mar 04 Website
2010 Taipei Mar 02 - Mar 05 Website
2009 Beijing Apr 20 - Apr 23 Website
2008 Kyoto Mar 04 - Mar 07 Website

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